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  Next stop on the Pokémon League Summer Training Tour '99 -- Portland, OR and Dallas, TX!
Pokémon Mall Tour  
  The Pokémon Trading Card Game Tour is now traveling Eastward. Have you caught the excitement, yet? Check out these new locations for the one nearest you!
Pokémon Mall Tour  
  Aces are wild in this fast paced card game, featuring 28 Pokémon in the deck along with human friends Ash, Misty, Brock and others!
  Toshihiro Ono, the artist of the bestselling Pokémon comic series, will be a guest at the San Diego Comic-Con International. Meet him in San Diego on August 12-15, 1999! Toshihiro Ono will arrive at Comic-Con on Friday, August 13, and will be scheduled for panels and signings on Saturday and Sunday.
  Viz Comics' Pokémon is America's #1 Comic!
  Grab your camera and head out on a photo safari like no other! Pokémon Island's beaches, caves and canyons teem with dozens of wild Pokémon, but luring them into view for that once-in-a-lifetime shot takes patience and a little bit of help from Professor Oak.
  Escape to Color! You could win a Game Boy(R) Color Mega Pack!
  An astounding 55,000 fans jammed the Mall of America to kick off the Pokémon League Summer Training Tour '99. We have the inside story and exclusive pictures of the wild and wooly event!
  Attention Pokémon Trading Card collectors! As a special bonus for subscribers, Nintendo Power Magazine is packing a Pikachu E3 Special Edition Trading Card Game Card in the September issue of Nintendo Power. On top of that, the subscriber-only Pokémon color comic book series will resume in the August issue. If you're not already a subscriber, what are you waiting for?
Pokémon Mall Tour  
  You don't have to buy a rock-type Pokémon to rock out to the official Pokémon 2.B.A. Master soundtrack.
  Rumble while you ramble in an all-new scramble to catch 'em all!
Pokemon Movie   Pokemon Movie
  Brand-new Pokémon Introduced Onscreen For First Time in Any Format
  It's a Pokémon Party-Thon! Check out the Luchables website for details and your chance to win Pokémon prizes.
Pokémon Toy Retirement   Pokémon Toy Retirement
 Hasbro has decided that the time is right to retire some of their Pokémon toys. Check out our coverage to make sure you don't miss your chance to catch 'em all!

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