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KEY: Artist/Band Song Title (Album Title, Label)

October 26, 2003
Folk Underground The Butterfly Road (Buried Things, Happyfun!)
Andras Jones Frankenstein Valentine (A Curmudgeon for All Seasons, Great Big Island)
Voltaire Out of Reach (Almost Human, Projekt)

John Linnell Iowa (State Songs, Zoe)
Future Bible Heroes Death Opened a Boutique (Memories of Love, Slow River)
Craig DeGraff Scooby's Mystery Mix (Scooby Doo's Snack Tracks, Rhino)
Tino's Breaks Wicked Insane Evil Dub (Hallowe'en Dub, Tino)

Bernard Herrmann Psycho Suite (The Essential Bernard Herrmann Collection, Silva Screen)
Wojciech Kilar The Storm (Bram Stoker's Dracula, Columbia)
Howard Shore Bride of the Monster (Ed Wood, Hollywood)

The Folksmen Skeletons of Quinto (A Mighty Wind, Sony)
Skip Jones Devil Got My Woman (Ghost World, Shanachie)
Danny Elfman Oogie Boogie's Song (The Nightmare Before Christmas, Hollywood)

Trevor Jones You Have the Power (Dark City, TVT Soundtrax)
Kristopher Carter Nightclub Fight/Terry Rescues Bruce (Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker, Rhino)
Clint Mansell, Kronos Quartet The Beginning of the End (Requiem for a Dream, Nonesuch)
Elliot Goldenthal Victorius Titus (Titus, Sony Classical)
UCI Concert Choir & Chamber Singers Damon Irrepit Callidus (Live 2000)

Stereo Total The Monster (Musique Automatique, Bobsled)
Shonen Knife Devil House (Let's Knife, Virgin)
Nekromantix Trick or Treat (Return of the Loving Dead, Hellcat)

Danny Elfman The Incantation (Beetlejuice, Geffen)
The 6ths The Dead Only Quickly (Hyacinths & Thistles, Merge)
The Gothic Archies City of the Damned (Looming in the Gloom, Hello)

Richard Wagner Ride of the Valkuries (Selections from Die Walkure. RCS Victrola)
James Venable Boogie Man (Powerpuff Girls: The City of Soundsville, Rhino)

  • June 15, 2003
    Virginia Rosa La Vai Alguem (Dreamland, Putumayo)
    Azure Ray Trees Keep Growing (Burn and Shiver, Warm)
    The 6ths As You Turn to Go (Hyacinths & Thistles, Merge)
    The Sea and Cake Left Side Clouded (One Bedroom, Thrill Jockey)
    Nobukazu Takemura Palabra of the Inky Black Manteau (Songbook, Bubble Core)
    Momus A Little Schubert (Oskar Tennis Champion, American Patchwork)
    Neu! Lilac Angel (Neu! 2, Germanofon)
    Kraftwerk Computer Love (Computer World, Warner Bros.)

    Stereo Total Du und Dein Automobil (My Melody, Bobsled)
    Takako Minekawa Picnic at Loose Rock (Maxi On, Emporer Norton)
    Bochum Welt La Nuit (Lush Life Electronica, Quango)
    Mr. Velcro Fastener Testarossa (Deep:Inside Vol. 2, Efa)
    P'taah Hold You Close (Staring at the Sun, Ubiquity)
    As One Theme from Op-Art (So Far [So Good], Ubiquity)

    Karsh Kale Letting Go (Liberation, Six Degrees)
    Lisa Gerrard & Lierter Bourke Tempest (The Insider soundtrack, Columbia)
    Dave Brubeck Quartet I Love Vienna (Park Avenue South, Telarc)
    Abstinence Freq (Ikebana: Merzbow's Amlux, Important)

    Electrocute Sugar Buzz (Electrocute, Emperer Norton)
    Fog No Boys Allowed (Ether Teeth, Ninja Tune)
    Cinerama Superman [Version en Espanol] (Cinerama Holiday, Manifesto)

    Essential Logic Collecting Dust (Fanfare in the Garden, Kill Rock Stars)
    Enon In this City (In this City, Touch & Go)
    The Mars Volta Televators (De-loused in the Comatorium, Universal)
    Gatsby's American Dream Recondition, Reprogram, Reactovate (Ribbons and Sugar, Rocketstar)
    !!! Me (Me and Guiliani Down by the School Yard [A True Story], Touch & Go)