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Quantum Sounds


Such is the sound that comes from Quantum Foam listeners. To help allieviate inarticulate speech, we offer a wonderous list of the music featured on Quantum Foam. Now you will have a better idea of whose noise you were listening to, and so say "Oh!"

  • The Apples in Stereo

  • Dave Brubeck

  • Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

  • Chuckno

  • Cibo Matto

  • D+

  • Danny Elfman

  • Ember

  • The Jeremy Project

  • Wojciech Kilar

  • Moby

  • Polaris

  • Scooby Doo's Snack Tracks

  • Bree Sharp

  • Howard Shore

  • Sidecar

  • Skeeter Kinney

  • Spiritualized

  • Thick Liquid

  • The Venus in Furs

    Requests can be made at:
    (949)824-5824 (UCI-KUCI)