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Monday, 13 October 2003

      I took my cactus home over the weekend. It's been cloudy for the past couple of weeks, and I feared for its life. Not only is my cactus dropping far more than ever before, but it was looking, well...ashen, I suppose. I'm not sure plants can properly look ashen, but them's the breaks.

      I actually did something this weekend! On Sunday Ani & her boyfriend, Noah, (who is visiting from NYC until Tuesday) attended a matinee in LA with me. The show was two plays by teenagers produced by The Blank Theatre Company. It's a program to give teenage playwrites a chance to have their work staged and performed by professionals. And I think pro writers also use the company to workshop their stuff. Danny Strong, from Buffy was in the first play. So I had to go.

      The cat's depressed. My brother has 3 different part-time jobs currently (only two soon, though), and the cat misses him 'causes he's never home to spend quality time sitting on the couch watching TV with her any more. The chicken I gave her on Saturday made her puke, too. Then our parents went out of town this weekend, and I was in LA yesterday and didn't get home until 6:30p. I found her standing next to her water dish. And not moving. I'm a little worried she might try to drown herself in it while I'm at the office today.
Cats are supposed to be low-maintainence! Dogs need oodles of attention, not cats. I refuse to hire a pet-pyschologist.

Posted by quantumfoam at 9:28 AM PDT

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