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Monday, 24 November 2003

      Some silly things about me and keyboards: When I'm on the air at KUCI, I might happen to go online to find infomation to talk about. The computer keyboard sits directly in front of the sound board. Therefore, when I'm of a mind to hit a button on the computer keyboard, I might accidently reach for the sound board or vice versa. My tendancy to mix up the boards hasn't caused any major technical difficulties yet, but I'm pretty sure the day will come...

      And then there are the "Cut and Paste" keys. Holding down both "Ctrl" and "C" will Copy selected information onto a computer's clipboard (it may be "Open Apple" and "C" on a Mac. I forget. It's been a while.). "Ctrl" and "V" will paste that information whereever the cursor happens to be right then. I've gotten it into my head that those two fingers that hit "Ctrl" and "C" (usually the pinky and index of my left hand) do the remembering of the information that has been copied. It's usually those same two fingers that later do the pasting as well. This generally only becomes a problem when I figure that whatever I've copied with my fingers can then be pasted using whichever keyboard those same fingers happen to be using, no matter which computer that keyboard is attached to. This definitely is not the case. Odd, that.

      On a separate note: I think I've been reading too many British authors lately. Plum Wodehouse, Mil Millington, Neil Gaiman, Saki, JK Rowling. Ani speaking in her fake English accent around me (which prompts me to speak in my fake English accent) doesn't help matters any. The Simpsons visited London last night, as well. Damn this Anglo-centric culture!
Well, actually, no. It's not damnable; just makes me talk funny.

Posted by quantumfoam at 10:48 AM PST

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